Though she be but little, she is fierce

William Shakespeare

I am an artistic, deep soul looking to explore our interests together.

Art is my truest passion. I spend my time painting, sketching, and working with a variety of graphic design and digital illustration softwares. One of my greatest life achievements was recently completing a large scale art piece for an exhibit, but my creativity abounds and there are more to come.

I enjoy life to the fullest. I dream of traveling around the globe, collecting rare art pieces and visiting famous museums in different countries. I would love to explore with you, as well, experiencing beautiful parts of the world together. Finding art in the places we go.

I can seem shy and reserved, a hesitant smile framed by my ebony hair, but don’t be mislead. It is simply the result of a good upbringing. I am polite and quiet when I first meet others, but once I get to know you I can become a close friend and confidante. The more experiences we have together, the more I will open up to you. I am an empathetic listener and able to offer sympathetic advice. I seek out deep relationships. A profound soul like mine appreciates men with some world experience, and the age that it takes to acquire that.

I am naturally blessed with few preconceptions and an imaginative sense of adventure that spans a wide spectrum of the carnal universe. My smooth, toned body is open to many experiences and I proudly describe myself as a “natural submissive.” My submissiveness is a gift. It allows me to share that sensitive side of myself with those who will most appreciate its value.

Ready to make me put down my paintbrush?

Noelle xoxo

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